Poorly Drawn Jennifer Nguyen

Add this drawing of Jennifer Nguyen to the growing list of poorly drawn celebrities I've done.

If you want to check out Jennifer, here's her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

bad drawings

Batman On The Dance Floor

I know what Batman looks like normally, but I wonder what Batman would look like on the dance floor. Hmm.

batman on the dance floor


Ever since Jackass debuted back in 2000, I've been a big fan of their crazy stunts and hilarious pranks. I've seen all the TV episodes and movies.

In addition to being a big fan of the stunts and pranks, I'm equally as big a fan of the cast themselves. Especially Steve-O. That guy does some insane shit. He's kept me in stitches for years.

So in keeping with the tradition of making GIFS of people I like. Here's Steve-O. Yeah Dude!

If you want to know more about Steve-O, here's his Wikipedia page, Twitter profile, Facebook page and his YouTube channel.

Kevin Smith

I've loved Kevin Smith ever since I saw Clerks back in 1995. As a wannabe filmmaker, I always found his story inspirational: a guy with little money makes an awesome film and shows Hollywood that big bucks don't always matter.

For one reason or another I've never made a feature length film. I've made a few short films, but none of them received much attention. But I still hold on to the hope that one day my time will come ... and that hope is because of Kevin Smith.

So in honour of one of my favourite filmmakers, I made him a gif. Kevin is a Star Wars fan and loves doing live speaking engagements and podcasts. So his gif comes complete with a Lightsaber and a microphone.

If you want to know more about Kevin here's his Wikipedia page, Twitter profile, and Facebook page.

kevin smith